image of price pavement showing before and after gum removal service

A Simple thing like a chewing gum can become the curse if not appropriately disposed of and discarded on floors, concrete, pavements, streets, and other surfaces. Its muggy nature leaves unattractive dirt strains to your living, can become a major turnout for your customers, visitors, as well as for your clean surrounding environment.

Chewing gums sticky consistency means it is strenuous when try remove by it using conventional cleaning methods. You absolutely need someone who can expertly remove gums from sidewalks to concrete surfaces or any footpath areas and we’re ready to do that job for you professionally using industry-latest techniques and the right tools. Our cleaning service can remove gum strains and grime from concrete and any other surface, leaving the area looking as pristine as the day it was installed.

We have a skilled team of cleaning specialists capable of working at all levels, including residential and commercial properties in Chicago and surrounding areas. We efficiently remove chewing gums from any sidewalk or surfaces like concrete, asphalt, natural stones, steel, iron, pavements, tarmac, wood, and other. We use custom-designed hot water pressure washing equipment, unique soaps, and detergents that enable us to clean the host materials without causing any damages.

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Our process is simple, but effective. We will arrange the best suitable time for you, as we know it’s difficult for you to manage time during business hours. This means we will remain totally flexible and agree to a time and day that works for you. We deliver fantastic cleaning results which are perfect for chewing gum removal in the areas including sidewalks, driveways, footpaths, restaurants, front of the bar and other high traffic public buildings.

We work quickly, efficiently, and cleanly and we aim to provide you with quality service with minimal disruption.

A friendly team of technicians that will fulfil your expectations. Our customer support is here to help, 7 days a week.

Guaranteed results. We have helped hundreds of clients to improve the curb appeal, and we know we can do the same for you.

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