Why Choose Us?

a technician cleaning a house gutter in Chicago


Chicago Racoons takes great pride in knowing we can protect your home or business from water damage and rot by making sure your rain gutter drainage system is functioning properly. This is a job that is often looked over when caring for your home or business but is also the job that if not maintained on a regular basis can cost you lots in repairs.


Our gutter cleaning service includes the cleaning of all debris from gutters, flushing the downspouts, and making any repairs to make sure the gutter system is operating properly. We have become known for great rain gutter cleaning service throughout Illinois area and particularly in Chicago.

Why You Really Need to Get Them Cleaned

You are may thinking to yourself “but I don’t have any mature trees around my house, what could possibly clog my gutter?” The answer is the dust that is in our air every day that settles on your roof, is washed into the gutter after the first rain of the year, and stays inside your gutter.


Year after year this dust builds and becomes heavy as it absorbs water and other debris. Before you know it your gutters are full of now heavy mud that weighs down your gutters and clogs your downspouts. From the ground, your they may look fine, but inside they are over weighted and non-functioning.

Benefits of Our Gutter Cleaning Service


1. SAFETY first and foremost. It’s a dangerous job.

Trying to ascend the ladder while holding the tools you need to perform gutter repairs can be a dangerous endeavor. Why tempt fate? Spend your afternoon relaxing instead of risking an injury when you rely on us to make the repairs you need.


2. Prevent future property damage and costly repairs


Rain gutter and downspout systems prevent damaging water from running across doors and windows and are designed to channel water away from the home or building foundation. When debris such as leaves, pine needles, and dirt accumulate in your rain gutters and downspouts the water flow is redirected which is the cause of many leaks where water finds a way into homes or buildings.


3. We’ll do the hard work for you


In order to prevent gutter damage and clogs, you need to properly maintain all of the gutters in your building. This might mean you need to climb a ladder, roll up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty. Or, you could just pick up the phone and let us handle the dirty work for you.

Need Gutter Repairs? We Keep Them Operating!

Our service ensures that everything is flowing perfectly through all of your gutters and downspouts. This service is an added value for property owners with several buildings and not a lot of time on their hands. Don’t waste the time it takes mucking out gutters when you could be spending it on your business or your family. At our company, we’ve got you covered!

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In addition to being unsightly and devaluing your home, clogged gutters also pose non-aesthetic problems such as water and foundation damage.


If you don’t have the time, tools, or ability to perform regular gutter maintenance at your home in Chicago or the suburbs, contact us and let our professionals get to work!