multiple houses after a pressure washing service

Pressure Washing Risks That Can Cost You Big

In today’s economy, many homeowners are faced with maintaining their homes on a tighter budget. Some tasks that they would normally hire a contractor for, may fall into the “I can do that myself” category. Take caution, however, it is important for a homeowner to know that some tasks possess risk and should be left to a professional for many good reasons.

Power washing is one of those tasks; as it can be a downright dangerous activity to take into your own hands without extensive experience with power washing equipment. Some may think it is simply pointing a high pressured hose toward the stains on your home, but rental equipment may not be easy to master quickly. Most rental equipment comes without the ability to adjust the pressure of the spray which can actually do more damage than good. If your home has vinyl siding or even wood shingles, pointing the wand upwards from ground level can actually force water behind the siding, causing damage and a breeding ground for mold or mildew.

For homes that require tall ladders, only a trained professional should wield the wand of a pressure washing machine as it is easy to lose your balance and fall. A professional pressure washing service in Chicago will take proper precautions to protect your home and the safety of their technicians. The best safety precaution a company can take is to install anchors and a harness system to protect technicians working on a roof. Anchors are drilled into the foundation of the structure and will remain there for future maintenance needs

Here at Chicago Racoons we use environmentally safe, but efficient cleaning products that will protect plants from harm. You do not have to cover your landscaping or wet them down to prevent hazardous chemicals from burning them.

While considering the best way to address the unsightly stains on your roof, siding, or driveway (take a look at: Types of Driveways and How to Clean Them?), be careful about thinking it is a simple job you can do yourself. Consider getting an on-site estimate to compare costs. Keep in mind that not all companies will offer the same level of service, professionalism, quality, knowledge, and appearance. The quality of the equipment being used will make the biggest difference in how well the job comes out, so be sure to understand the type of equipment that will be used. A low bid may seem attractive, but not if the company uses inferior equipment and cuts corners on the job. If you are still not sure if to use such services, here is 4 reasons why to use pressure washing services.

Properly done, pressure washing will increase the visual appearance and hygiene of your property. Do not leave room for mistakes, or put yourself in danger, call us to receive your free estimate today.