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Here at Chicago Racoons, we’ve spent countless hours researching and testing different driveway sealers from a variety of different manufacturers. All of these products have been tested by ourselves and by our peers in other parts of the country. We require that the sealer be of high quality and have the best longevity for our customers. It must also be economical and not overpriced.


Our professional staff will do quality service at a good price. The Racoons will properly get the job done. Guaranteed!

What is Sealing?

Sealing cement, concrete or asphalt is an easy and quick solution to deal with the cost of home maintenance. It is definitely much cheaper than replacing your driveway. Your brushed concrete or aggregate driveway is among the initial items that people see whenever they drive up to your home.


That’s one reason it is just a good idea to help keep the concrete or aggregate driveway looking as great as the day it was installed. Sealing the concrete driveway having a penetrating siloxane concrete sealer will give numerous years of defense at the driveway.


We are also experts at at deck sealing and staining, we have huge experience with different type of sealers and we know how to properly approach any type of sealing project.


It is the best curative agent for new concrete and forms a shield and barricade within the concrete driveway and protects it from corrosion. Actually the application of sealer blocks the pores and hence diminishes absorption of water, salts as well as other such supplies from passing through it thus protecting your driveway from freeze thaw damage among other things.


Driveway sealing has change into an integral part of every driveway finish in today’s modern times and we have the knowledge to do the job right.

Why is the Usage of Sealer Valuable?

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Sealing makes your aggregate concrete glossy, asphalt or cement wonderful and fairly durable in quality. Whereas there are sealers available for brushed concrete that penetrate into the surface without changing the look of the driveway or sidewalks. Today most driveway sealing contractors use these sealers to support the durability and the appearance of the concrete.

Benefits of Durable and Powerful Sealer

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One of the best positive aspects derived from concrete sealers is stain deterrence. This is especially really useful if in case you have opted for decorative concrete, for instance pattern stamped pool or patio, interlocking paver driveway. You would not at all get pleasure from your high-priced concrete becoming stained, stamped or exposed aggregate. Sealers offer you a thin coating and cover the pores stopping from any kind of hideous oil or other substance from penetrating into the concrete. This in turn enhances the durability of your concrete and makes it look better for a longer time frame.

What You Can Expect from our Service?

– Professional work

– Quality materials

– Fair prices

– No mess left behind