mobile truck fleet power washing service in Chicago

One of the best forms of advertising that you have is your trucks and trailers. They are HUGE driving billboards, make sure they are properly presenting your business and brand.


How often is it that you are driving along and come across one of these trucks/tractors/trailers that are covered in dirt and grime? I would bet that you take notice and think to yourself that that truck could sure use a wash, rather than thinking about the business itself and what kind of service they could provide you with.


At Chicago Racoons, we recognize the expense that you’ve incurred to have your fleet looking great and we will endeavor to make sure that you are NOT that dirty truck on the road.


We will do this by offering contract pricing as well as a scheduled wash time that will work with your hectic schedule. We will work with you to determine how frequently your van or truck fleet should be power washed in order to be cost-effective while still maintaining a nice clean image.


We only use top of the line, environmentally friendly soaps, down streamed through our foaming system that was designed to provide a more efficient wash as well as cut back on wear and tear from constant zealous brushing, all that will be required is light once over.

Our standard wash cleans under your hood, the back, and sides of your turck or any kind of vehicle. Our soap will not leave a film on your glass or paint finish and is safe to use on polished aluminum.

Heavy Equipment Washing Service

heavy machinery washing serviceWe understand that you are often using your equipment in many different places and need a mobile pressure washing service that will come to you at any time of the day, sometimes on very short notice. We strive to keep a schedule that can accommodate these last-minute calls and always making sure that you are our #1 priority!


We realize that Heavy Equipment covered in 1000 lbs of mud can increase your fuel costs, decrease the machine’s efficiency, increase repair and maintenance costs due to added stress on your machine as well as send a message to your clients that perhaps you are willing to cut corners at times in order to save money or time.


We love cleaning heavy equipment, the dirtier/greasier the better! There is nothing more satisfying than stepping back and looking at our work and being able to see such a difference.

Our Team has been carefully selected and we pay an above-average wage to ensure that our guys will work like crazy from the time they arrive on your lot until the time that they leave. 


We charge an hourly rate with a two-hour minimum charge. We can proudly say we offer the best value-based pricing in Chicago.

We do not work on piece work. The reason being that we would like to give you the best mobile fleet truck pressure washing service that we can, we are fair in our pricing and believe that this is the way to go. You will never have to worry that our guys are going to rush through your fleet in order to make an extra dollar.


We guarantee that our professional team will do a quality job.