before and after image of dirty deck that has been stained and sealed


Decks are nice areas outside the houses where you can simply enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. It is also a place where you can do many of your outdoor activities, and even host barbeque parties with your friends and colleagues.


Because of the amount of foot traffic your deck experiences throughout the years, you might notice that the color of the wood has changed into a darker and dirtier color. This is because of the dirt and grime that had accumulated on your deck as time goes by.


Usually, we can do a simple deck maintenance by regularly scrubbing it with special shampoo and wash it off, but if you want to make your deck look brand new again, then availing deck sealing and staining services would do the trick.


For many years, Chicago Racoons have been providing the people of Chicago with high-quality deck staining and sealing services. Our team of experts are trained to handle all kinds of surfaces, including your wooden deck. Our Company has been assisting customers in need for many years now, we have nothing but experts and professionals handling all requests and tasks.


The Process (That Will Make You Proud of Your Deck)


In terms of deck and porches, wood is one of the best materials, but are also difficult to maintain. This is because they are vulnerable to many kinds of elements, such as the changing weather, plants, sun light UV damage, mildew, and even moisture from the soil.


deck refinishing service


This also explains why your wooden deck gets dirtier as time goes by, since the dirt and molds have embedded themselves deep inside the smaller cracks of the wood.



  1. Cleaning and Preparing the Deck


To restore the color and look of your deck, our professionals use a degreaser, paint or stain stripper and then a pressure washer to clean even the hard-to-reach areas of the decks. This will remove all the mildew and debris from your deck. The detergent and solutions are also harmless, so there’s no need to worry about your nearby grass and plants.


  1. Sanding the deck (if needed)

This is an optional step in the process. If there is really a need for sanding, we will make sure to get rid of the rough patches, stubborn stains and all other elements like old paint. If there are nails sticking up, we will put them back in place. In general, we will smooth things up.


  1. Apply Sealer or Stainer (depending on your choice)

If you have railings and posts, we will start with them and go to the deck. We have verities of strainers, like solid strainers, semitransparent or fully transporting. We can help you choose the right one for you.


If you decide you want to have your deck sealed. We will use sealers that will created a blended yet natural look by adding beautiful pigment. At the same time will protect your deck from sun UV lights, mildew and waterproof it. We will apply few coatings of sealer if the deck is in poor condition.


Not only that, but we also include our special solutions to make sure that your deck will shine like its brand new again!


Why Hire Us?


before and after deck sealing service


First is that our deck services are efficient and affordable, so we can guarantee you that investing in a deck restoration service with us will not be a financial burden. Our company had served many customers in our years in the business, each with a unique plan and budget, we didn’t let them down. Our experts both have supreme skills and experience, so you have nothing to worry about.


Second, we will not prolong the service and waste unnecessary time, we do this because we don’t want our service to be a hassle in your regular schedule.


Lastly, we accommodate our clients like they are our best friends, we do our services in the most precise and professional way possible, while at the same time we look to not damage any of your property (this is our top priority). These are the things that make us one of the best deck staining and sealing services in Chicago.


Look no further, what you need is right in front of you. Fill up our service request form or simply give us a call. We’ll be right on your doorsteps, so you can get a free quote!