roof soft washing and cleaning in Chicago

When your roof is discolored, whether black or green, the dirty look and discoloration are not only reducing the value of your home or business, but it is also creating an unhealthy environment for you and your family or friends, guests, customers, or employees.

Chicago Racoons’ team will clean concrete roof tiles, clay roof tiles, barrel tiles, asphalt/fiberglass roof shingles, metal roofs, and exterior stucco walls and brick walls. We clean roofs for both commercial and residential properties, no matter the type and size of the roofs.

Here is Why Our Chicago Roof Washing Service Excels

We offer a unique, gentle roof cleaning service that is highly effective should your roof need a cleaning after a blow-off. Moss, algae, and mold are reasons to have your roof professionally cleaned by our technicians. There is no “one way” to clean a roof. There are many ways and one of those ways will be determined as the safest and most effective method for your roof.

Our service usually includes a roof blow-off, and moss removal/prevention treatment for most customers on our annual maintenance program. This process of preventative maintenance will ensure your home’s roof isn’t wearing out prematurely, adding years to its life and structural integrity.

Pressure washing aka power washing is the preferred method of most roof cleaning contractors, however, we have found through countless hours of research that it is not always what is best for our customers. Pressure washing can and will damage soft surfaces such as wood, paint, vinyl and, shingles.

We see it all around Chicago, the damages of long term exposure to water after an inexperienced person used a pressure washer on someone’s home and forced water into ceilings and cracks in foundations. This is a health hazard and causes mold build up where it would normally not be able to get.

What Sets us Apart From Others?

  • Fair rates
  • Reliable and professional service
  • Staff who cares
  • Attention to detail

Soft washing is a process that is time consuming but it is proven to be better for the customer. Soft washing is gentle and nonabrasive yet highly effective. We use a custom soft washing system comprised of chemical solution tanks and “low pressure” pumps to clean and rinse at minimal pressures.

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Our Guarantee

100% satisfaction. We will give our best to get the job done and meet your expectation. Our professional staff and high-end equipment are the guarantee for that.

We repeat the process until the surface is completely clean.

Stop Keeping Your Roof Dirty

Give us a call now, and our roof washing expert known around Chicago for their quality will take care of it.

Looking for a pressure washing service? We can handle that too.