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Why Choose Us?

Regular pressure washing of your parking garage is essential if you want to save money on expensive repairs, avoid injuries, or simply not giving visitors or guest a reason to complain. At Chicago Racoons, we have years of experience providing parking garage cleaning services to the residents of Chicago and surrounding areas.


Whether it’s a downtown public parking or garage, or a private condominium garage, our high-quality pressure washing services ensure your garage will get the best cleaning possible. We can clean all entrances, ramps, exits, and surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or others, leaving no area of the parking garage or lot untreated.


Our cleaning experts can remove all kinds of messes from your parking lot or garage, including:


  • Dirt
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Gum
  • Grime
  • Spilled food & drinks
  • Paint
  • Tire marks

For us, our customers are of paramount importance. We utilize our knowledge and industry’s latest equipment to provide exceptional service:


  • High-quality pressure washing: deep clean to give your parking garage surface a salt-free, clean and sparkling look.
  • Hot water pressure washing: wash and clean even the toughest dirt.
  • Efficient cleaning chemicals: specially designed to cut of oil, grease, stains, and chewing gum and other unwanted substances.

Why You Need To Clean Your Parking Lot

parking lot power sweeping and pressure washing in Chicago


Curb appeal is important for all businesses and homes. The first thing that your customers, visitors, and guests see when visited your property is the garage during parking vehicles. A scary and dirty parking garage can leave them thinking that other parts of the property are just as neglected.


It will become one of the reasons that your clients say “no” to your business. Get them to say “yes” by improving the curb appeal of your parking garage. One of the simplest and proven ways to keep your parking garage well-maintained and cleaned is by giving it a regular pressure washing service.


There are many reasons for pressure washing your parking garage, including:

  • Attract customers: no one wants to spend time in a scary and filthy-looking parking garage.
  • Provide Safety to the visitors: A clean area makes people feel more safe and secure.
  • Improves surface lifespan: clean surfaces help prevent harmful substances to cause serve destruction.
  • Parking looking cleaner and more appealing: increase curb appeal and value of your property.
  • Help the environment: regular cleaning benefits the surroundings by removing plastic wrappers and oil spills.

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction. We will provide exceptional and quality cleaning service that will exceed your expectations. Excellent communication, personalized service, State of the art equipment, courteous and experienced staff. All that is guarantee for job done right!

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