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Welcome to our professional power washing service, proudly serving the residents and businesses of Glencoe, IL. We are experts in transforming tired-looking properties into fresh, clean spaces that you can be proud of. Our mission is to blast away the dirt, grime, and residue that can build up over time, detracting from the beauty of your property. No matter how stubborn the stain or deeply-set the dirt, we’re here to help.


We use state-of-the-art equipment and effective, eco-friendly cleaning agents to deliver results that will make your property shine. So, why wait? Let us show you the transformative power of professional power washing today.


Five Star Quality

Rely on our exceptional service and professional team for outstanding results that exceed expectations.


Reasonable Pricing

Experience top-notch pressure washing at affordable rates, making clean surfaces accessible to all.


Service Done Right

We bring passion, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the power washing process to every job we do.

Commercial and Residential Power Washing


Pressure Washing in Glencoe IL

Our pressure washing service revitalizes surfaces by effectively removing dirt and grime. Catering to various needs, from sidewalks to building exteriors, we ensure your property looks pristine. We can pressure wash concrete, brick, any kind of wood and stone and more.

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House Washing Service

Keep your house's exterior looking its best with our house washing service. We eliminate dirt, mildew, and algae, ensuring your home's structure and aesthetic appeal are maintained. We know how to do it safely and efficiently(read more).

roof soft washing and cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Protect your roof with our professional cleaning. We eradicate moss, algae, and debris, preventing potential damage and enhancing your roof's lifespan. We are using a roof treatment method called soft washing (read more).

a technician is cleaning a porch with a pressure washer

Deck & Patio Cleaning

Bring back the beauty of your outdoor spaces with our deck and patio cleaning. We remove weather stains and dirt, ensuring your relaxation spots are clean and inviting, our deck pressure washing service in Glencoe IL has a proven track record. (read more).

a pressure washer spraying water on a brick paver

Driveway Washing

Boost your property's curb appeal with our driveway washing service. We tackle oil spills, grime, and stubborn stains, leaving a clean and safe driveway for your home or business.

fence cleaning, before and after image

Fence Power Washing

Rejuvenate your fence with our power washing service. We skillfully remove dirt, mold, and mildew, ensuring your fence looks fresh and extends its lifespan. (read more).

Other Services We Offer:

Don’t allow dirt, grime, and other unappealing elements to spoil the aesthetics and cleanliness of your Glencoe, IL property. From cleaning and power washing decks, patios, porches, driveways, sidewalks, house sidings, to roofs, our pressure washing service has you covered. We also cater to businesses like shops, gas stations, parking structures, and more.


Utilizing cutting-edge tools and a team of proficient technicians, we ensure every job is executed flawlessly. Opt for our services for a pristine, well-kept property that creates a lasting impression.

Paver Washing

Restore the beauty of your pavers with our specialized pressure washing service. We remove dirt, weeds, and moss, enhancing your pavers’ appearance while protecting their longevity.


Concrete Power Washing

Revitalize your concrete surfaces with our tailored pressure washing. We expertly eliminate stubborn stains, grime, and algae, improving safety and preserving your concrete’s structural integrity.


Pressure Washing of Different Kinds of Stone

Trust us to meticulously clean various stone surfaces, from limestone, natural stone, to granite. We can remove the natural protective patina of stone’s surface. Our customized approach ensures each type of stone is treated with care, maintaining its natural beauty.


Commercial Power Washing

Boost your business’s appeal with our commercial power washing service. We handle building exteriors, parking lots, walkways, and more, creating a clean and professional environment that attracts customers.

"They never let me down"

Years ago I decided to try Chicago Racoons, since then, they were flawless every single time. I use them every year, and never had a problem.

- Martha Brehem

"Flawless Every Single Time"

I have used them many times. They always put the extra mile and do a great job.

- Martha Brehem

"A Company I Can Trust"

I’ve used them multiple times. They are real professional who maintain high standards. I simply can trust them get the job done.

- Martha Brehem

See Us in Action

our process in 4 simple steps

Our Effective & Safe Process

At Chicago Racoons our proficient professionals utilize state-of-the-art technology and high-quality equipment to deliver the best care for your property.


By employing a blend of powerful pressure and effective cleaning solutions, we tackle even the most tenacious stains and dirt accumulation.

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How much is the cost of pressure washing?

The cost of pressure washing varies based on factors like property size and surface type, this is why we will give you a custom free quote.



Will pressure washing damage the surface?

Pressure washing, when done by professionals using appropriate settings, generally won’t damage surfaces but can cause damage if not done correctly.


What time of year is best to pressure wash?

The best time to pressure wash is during warmer months, typically spring and summer, when the weather is mild and dry.



How often should a house be power washed?

A house should typically be power washed every year or at worse case scenario once per two years in order to maintain its appearance and prevent buildup of dirt, mold, and mildew.


How long does it take a power washed house to dry?

A power washed house usually takes a few hours to dry, depending on factors like humidity, temperature, and sunlight.



Are you insured?

Yes, we are.



Other Information

Working hours: Mon to Sun 7AM – 7PM (we can work after the official hours)



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Information about Glencoe IL:

The village of Glencoe is situated in Cook County, Illinois. It was named after Glencoe, Scotland, and was incorporated as a village in 1869. Glencoe is home to a population of approximately 8,900 residents and spans an area of about 3.5 sq mi. The area code for Glencoe is 847, and its geocode is 77929. The zip code for Glencoe is 60022.