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We have a team of professionals who love their job. Our customer services rationed and courteous, and last but not least, we have high grade custom made equipment. Power washing, soft washing and cleaning are things we are very good at, we have plenty of experience.

One thing you should know about this service:

Our main focus is on quality and near perfection.

We are fully trained, experienced and the very best in the business. Anyone can purchase cheap equipment at any box store and start offering a pressure cleaning service in Park Ridge IL.

Hire a pro!

Not only are we professional, and insured, we are just as affordable! We have been providing professional, quality service in Park Ridge for years.

With the constant buildup of moss, mildew, mold, algae and others, keeping your property clean is a hard task, this will not only increases their property longevity but also ensures the healthy environment of the residents. As you know there are numerous reasons to pressure wash. Let our professionals keep your property in a tip top shape and free of the inevitable dirt.

Why Choose Us for the Job in Park Ridge?

We’ll be on time, and we will get the job done the right way, and the price will be fair.

We call ourselves the professional exterior cleaning company for a reason: we believe we offer the absolute best in pressure washing contractor to all of our customers in Park Ridge and beyond. All of our workers are trained, knowledgeable, & skilled. You never have to worry about our power washing company picking up random workers who do not know what they are doing.

We put our name behind all of our work.

When new trends and machines come out we always try to test them to see if there are better and safer methods to clean your home. We want our workers to continue learning more about the pressure washing business every day to serve you better. We use environmentally friendly equipment and chemicals to help preserve the earth.

Pro Commercial & Residential Services

The pictures below are the before and after of a beautiful house siding in dire need of pressure washing. We are equipped with the latest, top quality pressure cleaning gear and eco-friendly shampoos and detergent. We keep our cleaning equipment updated and we stay up on pressure cleaning technology to bring you the best service.

We appreciate our loyal power washing customers and look forward to adding new clients! Call today for a free estimate and to find out more about how pressure cleaning can help you!

before and after photos of the same house that was pressure washed

Our Power Washing Services are Suitable for:

Why You Should Not Do It Yourself?

Pressure washing can be dangerous to your home, porch, driveway and walkways if not done properly. Therefore, the simple solution is to relegate the job to our technicians are well trained professionals. In Illinois our buildings deal with constant abuse from the nature, salt, mildew and mold.

Our pressure washing techniques help to prevent possible damage from these elements. Pressure washing driveways, sidewalks or any kind of home siding isn’t just for beautification but also an important investment protection. The hiring of a professional is imperative. We are fully licensed and insured!

Let’s safely power clean your investments and of course the quality is guaranteed! We are that confident.

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Some pressure washers simply do not know what they are doing. Many believe pressure washing is just as easy as spraying with a hose. There is a lot more to it than that though. Don’t trust your home and property to someone who is just out to make a buck.

Call us today to get a free estimate and learn more about our quality service. We love what we do and we care for your home or business property in Park Ridge. Get a services customized just for you and your needs.

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Park Ridge 60068 official website. Population around 37,457. It is located 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. It is close to O’Hare International Airport, major expressways, and rail transportation. Area: 18.47 km².


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