What is the Weather of Chicago? Four Distinct Seasons

Chicago Illinois weather is very unique and each season brings its own excitement. All the seasons have something to offer.

This mid west state’s four seasons distinctively come in every year.


park in Chicago downtown in the winter

If you like the snow then Chicago has plenty of it in the winter.

Kids and adults alike enjoy the cold season, as it can appear like a winter wonderland!

If you visit here in the winter you will still see people getting out, and having fun in the frosty air.

Believe it or not, there is an event in the winter time where people actually go swimming in their swimsuits in Lake Michigan. This event is definitely not for the faint at heart!

Do you like the scenery of a full blown winter. Or do you like to trek in the snow, ice skate or play with snowballs and grab icicles?

What about an authentic Winter or Fall season where you can celebrate the holidays in a traditional way? If you enjoy this time of year you may want to visit Chicago around during these months.

Chicago is a city that can handle it’s snow storms as the streets are cleared very vigorously to allow commuters to have access to the roadways in a timely manner. The city rarely shuts down.

Spring – Summer

park in Chicago during the spring

The glorious arrival of springs causes the trees and flowers to bloom. The outdoor smells from the fresh flowering trees can bring a smile to your face as the plant life reawakens after a cold winter.

You can tell the onset of spring is coming as the birds are busy building their nest and chirping happily at the dawn of a new season. The fresh smell of the plants, flowers and bulbs as they come in even while there may be a little snow left on the ground is a welcoming sight to see. It’s also a well awaited sign that warmer weather is on the way! This is also the season for spring cleaning, curb appeal improvement and power washing in Chicago.

Yes, the spring in Chicago can be very rainy and full of slush-filled fun from the remnants of a snowy winter. However as the snow melts and breaks away you can see the grass underneath turning green, and the tulips and daffodils coming through.

May is the average wettest month for the city.
The wind can be crisp this time of year. Spring usually comes in with a nice amount of rain allowing the plants to thaw and soak up fresh moisture to begin budding.

The temperature can range from the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s. Of course with the weather, the normal average temperature can fluctuate as with any other city.

Most everyone loves the arrival of spring when the daylight seems to last longer, and people prepare for their agenda in the warmer months.

beach in Chicago during the summer

Whether these activities involve upcoming summer festivals, vacationing with the family, outdoor social events, a get-together, or just enjoying and exploring the city of Chicago.

The Summer time is a season that most people in the Midwest look forward to. It means that it’s time for endless outdoor fun and activities for everyone and their friends, and family!

When the summertime arrives in the city outdoor and highway activity seems to get a lot busier. Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago is a very popular hang-out place for Chicagoans and visitors alike day and night.

If you visit this city it can impress you to the point where you may not.


Lake Shore during the fall

However not having the snow and ice to deal with on a daily basis can be a plus.

Every person has a favorite season of the year that they enjoy coming to the city in.

Some people like the Fall when all the bright colors of the rainbow tend to cover the trees, and the ground.

As the weather tends to get cooler in the fall, you can sometimes enjoy days where it seems like an Indian Summer has arrived.

Also in the Fall the wind tends to pick up in the city and continues through our blustering winters.

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