a technician using pressure washer spraying over graffiti

How to Remove Graffiti with Pressure Washing?

“Graffiti” is a form of art made using different kinds of colors on mainly wall surfaces. It might look attractive but most of the time it is made without permission and hampers the appearance of the property. Though walls are the primary target of graffiti vandals, there are other surfaces like glass, metal, wood, stone where graffiti is made. It is not very easy to remove those colors because of their adhesive properties and it requires both time and expertise.

From time to time many techniques like color coating, chemical treatment, scrapping, power washing has been introduced as a method and cleaning companies started to offer a graffiti removal service based on it. It also depends on the surface. Scrapping is preferred in the case of the glass surface. The use of penetration oil and mineral spirits is seen in the case of metal, wood, and plastic. If any of these doesn’t work, then painting over graffiti is suggested. But the most recent and effective method is power washing.

Power washing is the method where we use almost 200 times greater pressure than atmosphere to remove paint, mold, dirt, etc. volatile and unwanted elements from the wall or building surfaces. Obviously, pressure washing can be done with a different type of machine which operates with electric or gas power. Many people use pressure washers because they are fast and relatively easy to operate. Firstly the graffiti are sprayed with chemicals, then they are pressure washed with hot water this combo is very effective as it helps to weaken the bond of chemicals used.

Below are some benefits of using power washing. Other graffiti removal methods doesn’t offer so many combined benefits.

Time-Saving: Normal painting and scrapping method requires a lot of time and energy. But in the case of power washing, the job can be done very quickly which will bring back the natural state of your property.

Cost-Effective: As it is a one-time project, the overall cost is less than the painting. It needs several coats to hide the graffiti. Also, the color treatment is not permanent which requires regular maintenance. In this case, power washing is cost-saving and permanent.

Cleaning: When you use power washing to remove graffiti, it not only removes the graffiti but also cleans the whole surface. So it is a kind of two-in-one service where you get rid of dirt, mold, etc. from the wall which increases the overall curb appeal of the property.

Quickly Restoring Property’s Proper Look: Research has shown that the area once tagged with graffiti has a higher chance to be tagged again if not removed. Graffiti is lowering the overall curb appeal and people’s trust in your private property. For sure it can also lower the value of your commercial property. Being a victim of such vandalism is not really a problem, however not taking quick action to fix it is, it’s important to get rid of graffiti immediately after it appears.

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