10 reasons to clean your gutters

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Gutter Cleaning

An important part of every building whose maintenance should not be overlooked is the gutters. They protect the walls and roof from the rainwater by collecting it and controlling its flow. The gutters can clog up because of various reasons and create problems with the draining system, so gutter cleaning is an essential part that must not be ignored.

Here are a few reasons you should clean your gutters:

1. Water Overflow Prevention

One of the reasons gutters can get clogged up is because the fallen leaves and other litter, like dirt and debris, flows down to the gutters mixed with the rainwater, causing a blockage in the water flow. It can ruin the interior as well as the exterior of the house. Frequent cleaning of the gutters will ensure that they aren’t occluded, and generally, the property is well protected.

2. Roof Protection

When the clogged water has nowhere to go, it will overflow onto the roof, making it prone to leakage and the growth of algae that grows in moisture. The roof is exposed to extreme weather all year and serves its purpose of sheltering its residents. But to continue to do so requires effort and minimal maintenance to ensure your roof is not damaged. Therefore, prevent any water leakage onto your roof.

3. Prevent or minimize moss growth

Moss and lichen grow in damp areas that receive little to no light. Areas of the roof overshadowed by the trees can be a suitable habitat for their growth. Even more ideal condition is if the tiles are chipped or cracked. This unwanted moss can grow over time and cover a significant part of the roof, which will spoil the house’s curb appeal and, most importantly it creates unhealthy conditions. So it is better to avoid moss growth than to look for ways to get rid of it afterward.

4. Keep the pests away

The leaves in the gutter, the moisture, and the shade together make a suitable habitat for different insects. These insects can be a nuisance to the residents, and pest infestations are quite hard to get rid of. The prevention of a problem is always better than the solution later on!

picture of gutter before cleaning and after


5. Avoid small infestations

Clogged gutters are known to be a suitable home for rats and mice. More on birds will use the sticks and leaves in the gutters to make their home right there. Finding a disease-infected rat living on your roof is one of the worst scenarios, so it’s best to avoid all sorts of pest and rodent infestations.

6. Stay safe from diseases

Stagnant water can cause diseases and accelerate the growth of harmful mosquitoes, which can put the health of people living in the house at risk. Many other nasty things can grow in damp conditions and be detrimental to health.

7. Reduce the risk of cracked foundation

Gutters are designed to gather all the water and drain it away from the important parts of the house, like the foundation. When the water is jammed, it starts pooling around the house’s foundation since it has nowhere else to go. This pooled water can soften the foundation and be a threat to its stability. To avoid this huge damage to the house, gutter cleaning services is often worded as a crucial step in house maintenance.

8. Save your money

Once the main framework of a house is damaged, lots of money has to be spent on the repairs. If the roof or the foundation is severely damaged, then getting it replaced will cost a fortune. All of these expenses can be avoided with the help of proper cleaning of the gutters from time to time.      

9. Landscape protection

The yard or garden around the house makes the house appealing and catches everyone’s eyes at first sight. It should not be put at risk by not getting gutter cleaning done. The clogged gutter can spill if there is a storm or any other uncertain circumstances. This can drown the landscaping and ruin the hard work of the gardeners.  

10. Maintain your home’s value

The gutters can sometimes smell because of dirty water and different particles that are clogged in. Along with that, the overflowing lowers the overall curb appeal of the building. The unclean gutters are a bad image, especially if the house is to go on sale. This will also reduce the worth of the house. Cleaning and repairing the gutters will improve the roof’s look, increasing the curb appeal, which will increase the home value.  

Every house owner should be aware of these consequences they would have to face if they neglect a timely gutter cleaning.

How long ago you had your house gutters cleaned? If it has been ages, you might want to put some thought into it!

Here is a short video DIY guide on gutter cleaning

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